its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
Uhhmmm --- I didn't mean for this picture to be so big ..and I don't know how to shrink it ... so, until I can get another picture for the blog --- squint when you look at this! LOL

Friday, April 22, 2011

My 1st You Tube Give Away!

Alll righty guys.....I am going to my first give away over on my
You Tube Channel....

Up for grabs is a SILHOUETTE/GRAPHTEC Sticky PickMeUp Pen ...listen, I never knew
how handy this little number is until I had one. If you deal with a lot of little pieces of paper while making your projects....this thing is a must have! It looks like a pen, but at the tip it has this "sticky" substance and if you touch it against your paper  it will hold it while you move your tiny piece of paper to where ever you need it!

What a thing of the future - right?
Anyway here is the picture of the Sticky Pen wouldn't think that is all would you ? Well heck no - the second item (and both prizes go to the same person) is a Prima Garden Train Clear Stamp - now truth be told, this is as cute as can be but I thought it was a bit bigger when I ordered it :( ... overall size is 2.5 by 3.0....but it is Prima and as you see, it is purtyYYyyy.... and it even little blingies on the bottom!

Remember....this is on my You Tube Channel ---
and if you click on this link  - click
here one moment you will be transported away and voila' - you are on my You Tube channel - just hit the SUBSCRIBE button....and when I hit 100 subscribers...I will go to to pick a winner!
I would love if you subscribe to my blog too - but only the You Tube is necessary to win.

Sorry - winners are limited to the United States Only ---
I have heard that shipping outside of the U.S. is horrible :(
Now I could be wrong, and I am going to check on this personally Monday.
And maybe this will change but as things stand now - U.S. Mailings Only ...

Good luck to everyone ... and believe me, I wish I could send everyone something....
I have met such amazinggggggggg people between this blog and YT...I really have.
But listen - God willing and if the creek doesn't rise ;) there will be more give aways.
I love shopping ... and can I tell you something?
I don't care if it is for me or someone else! In fact, I LOVE to give a gift...
especially when you know its something that someone would like.

When I won the Sunday Challenge over on I tell you the truth -
I could have won 2 rolls of 1 ply toilet paper and I would have been so dern excited...
I would have needed those rolls! LOL
Really - its just fun to win - its fun to get good mail (Not bills - yuk)
so hopefully, eventually everyone who plays along will win something.

Thanks to all and good luck!

Look at me, now I do "annimations" (rolling eyes)

Oh me - help me. I realllllllllllly think I am something here becasue I can edit a video and throw together a cartoon - LOL ... Who would have ever known that young woman (well I WAS younger then!) who could barely turn on a computer back in 1995 would be making movies...WATCH OUT Steven Spielberg..I'm coming after you....

I did this little ditty the other night when I was trying to load up a You Tube video (but then for some reason it said it would take 1134 MINUTES to upload - to which I figured something was wrong and deleted it)

But the whole night was not I was able to create this Public Service Announcement for all us scrappin girls who have hubbys who just don't understand shopping hauls! LOL

Monday, April 18, 2011

My "Camp" layout for guest designer spot on

Well...this is the layout that is responsible for the new holes in my hiney (okay...thats verging on TMI) and if you don't know what I mean by this - you can view the blog titled "Is Papercrafting Hazardous?" and it will explain in detail...perhaps TOO much detail ;)

It is a 12 x 24 double page layout - my favorite thing to do...the thing I do most often.
If you are interested in any details of what I did - or what I used....leave me a comment and
I will gather the information for you...I actually plan to do some tutorials with all of this information
included - but something always "thwarts" my attempt! LOL (Thwarts....what a word that is - right?)
but trust me - after my stabbing incident - I understand what "thwarts" means! LOL

Anyway this is my hubby, myself, 2 of my 3 step kids and my son yearsssssssssss ago...It must be 94 to 95 ... the little girl in the pic is now 31 years old! Wow - it seems like yesterday this was taken...
but the theme was camping on Miss Kristals page this week...and where we have camped....once again
the first thing that came to my mind when I read "camping" was our living room/family room camp outs.

We would get some movies from the video store, make mucho snacks and treats, pull out our pillows and blankets to the living room - and just spend time together...watching kid movies or scary of my favorites was "When a Stranger Calls" and "When a Stranger Calls BACK!" LOL
By the time that came on, the boys were all asleep and just my step daughter and myself watched it!
* funny how you remember specifics like that BUT you can't remember where you have parked
your car after being in the grocery store for an hour...right? ;)

I never liked the slasher type movies ... (hey maybe I was already having some kind of premonition
of my own scissor incident?!?!? LOL) ... but we did like a good old scary movie that had some backbone to it....

Anyway --- thats the story behind the pictures....
and here is the layout --

You know...I have issues with my handwriting...
HOWEVER...years & years ago I found a letter
written to my mom from my grandma (she passed
when I was only 8 years old) and that letter means
so much to me - thank Heavens - we didn't have
email back then - and that she didn't "type" her letter...
Next time you hesitate in using your own handwriting....
think - will someone see your project in 10-20 or even 30 years..
and wish you had handwritten the words?

I actually did the tree by inking inside the paper left
from cutting out a tree, using my Cricut. Sometimes
you just want to do something different...and I kind
of like how this turned know what that means?
Now...I HAVE to buy some of the masks you
see used so often on layouts! LOL
I mean is it is a shopping sickness when
you HAVE to purchase it? I think not -

I hope there is something here that inspires you...or gives you a whole new idea...
so many of you have inspired me ... its what gets me going ;)
Love to you xoxoxo

Scrappy many messages ... I will answer everyone soon

ooOOo like a car accident - the next day is worse! LOL Sunday, I spent on the couch - with my hiney in the air like a sleeping 2 month old baby -- LOL ... cause my whole body hurt! I think its that rush of adrenaline when it happened...then when you calm down, your all stiff....but have taken some aleve and it helps ---

I want to say to those who have sent me messages saying "I didn't mean to laugh" - and they apologize...
listen, I am NOT offended....when we (my son, my hubby and myself) were tending to my hiney...WE were all laughing! We could NOT stop! LOL so pleaseeeeeeeeeee don't feel bad.

Here is what I think - Thank God - it didn't hit the "bullseye" (If you get my drift) cause I would have been in surgery fixing my colon Saturday night! (Yikes) ... so it was just bad enough to teach me (and hopefully others!) about leaving my supplies all over --- I mean, its bad all right - the blade probably went in by at least an inch ... they were literally HANGING when I stood back up! (Gagging)

but listen....I will be answering each of you as soon as I can - and like I said, we are laughing too!!!

You know...I don't know if the way I see things are a virtue or not - but my life is good - I am fortunate....we have a few days and a few things here and there that aren't too funny...but what I have learned thru the years...sometimes bad things happen and its for a reason...something comes along to show us why that event happened. And most of the time, I can say "darn this could have been a lot worse!"

Thats how you get thru the rough times...I think.
Could it have been worse?
Do we have the tools we need to recoup and heal?

I am in luck - I have antibiotic cream - Aleve - and a very soft pillow to sit on!

XOXOO to all of you who have sent wonderful healing messages....
and I LOVE your laughter... ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is Paper Crafting .. hazordous to your health? My findings...

OKAY....NO one will even believe this one...when I say it out loud (not that I sit around saying this out loud but I have told a few people) .. but even when I say it out loud..I think, this is wronggggGGg on so many levels....

Last night, was like any Saturday Night...great weather, we grabbed dinner out - the grandkids were here...and I was working on my layout for my spot on for the Sunday Challenge Guest Designer spot with Kristal..she had graciously invited me to spend another Sunday with her as a guest designer....

Now...I don't have a "craft room" - per se. I have all my supplies in my laundry room. Which is really big. It is right around the corner from my family I'm not complaining (or at least I never have before!)

I had just opened a new Cricut cutting matt (you alreadyyyyyy know don't ya?) and my paper had stuck to it so darn bad, my entire cut was ruined. Oh...and it was the lettering of my know how long it takes to cut out fonts....So I was a bit miffed cause I didn't know if I had more of the same paper...and I had to redo every single letter (which for this layout was 13! UNLUCKY number 13) --- so I get up from my couch (I sit on my couch and use my coffee table as my scrap table)...I go into the laundry room...finally find another sheet of the paper I need, I come BACK into my family room - (now keep in mind, I have to get this layout over to Kristal Saturday night...when all of this is IS Saturday Night!) So I am running behind...I come into the family and FLOP down on the couch...

OH MY GOD ----
I SAT ON MY SCISSORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No joke here!
Guys...I am talking the long bladed scissors that have the spring open thingy (to supposedly make it easier for cutting) the blades (yes BOTH of them) went into my butt cheeks!!!
I had to reach behind me and PULL one of the blades out of the fat of my butt cheek!!!!!!!!!!!

O Lordy.....
you know...talking about it actually is worse than it happening.
At first...I guess adreline started to rush - and I didn't feel pain -
and I was thinking "Oh MY GOD how funny is this? I sat on scissors"

Now, if the whole idea of this doesn't make you a bit weak...
my hubby was taking a nap cause now he has a flu bug - so the only adult
awake was my 28 year old son!!!!!!!!!!!
Who had to take a look at my hiney and diagnose..."Stitches or not?"
My gosh - I really am officially old...
My adult son has seen my butt - up close and personal ... and the worst thing is...
I REALLY DON'T CARE! I didn't know if I had cut off like 10 pounds of the
extra 100 that are back there or what...
I mean think about it - you can't see your own butt cheeks?
By that time, I was getting a little light headed -
and if I would have tried to turn and reach back there to grab a peek
(which would NOT have happened anyway)
I would have definitely passed out!

What I am saying ---
I am so old...
my adult son has started to take care of me...
(I thought I had a few years before this!)

Okay so now it is Sunday ---
I got the layout sent over
(hey, can someone point me in the right direction
on how to take pictures of a 12 by 24 scrapbook layout AND
get it uploaded to the computer? I put mine thru Photoshop Elements and kind of
mushed it together - but I don't think it looked as pretty as some of the double
page layouts on the fact, I think it may be the worst picture of
a double page layout I have ever seen :(  )

And now....I am going to call it a day!
Of course the "wound" is right on the soft part of the cheek
that you SIT ON --- (shaking head) ...
so even when I sit here taking it kind of easy....
pain is searing thru my body! LOL

O my gosh - WHO does this?

When I was a kid my mom would say
I -so- wish I would have listened to her.

Moral of this story?
Scrapbooking MAY be hazordous to your health --
IF you leave your scissors lay around ;)

As soon as I feel comfortable that I can go out
and walk and not strike up the bleeding again...
I am heading straight to Joanns ...
and buying one of those crop carrier thingys...
I keep my "tools" in a basket and when I am crafting,
I pull things out and leave laying everywhere...
because its difficult to find things in there - so
scissors, ATG, pens...I will leave lay beside me...
on the couch or on the coffee table - - 
listen ---
once bitten - twice shy.
I WON'T DO THAT anymore!


Here is the layout -- If you click on it - you'll go over to
to see the upcoming Sunday Challenge -- Why not play along?
Kristal always has some wonderfully cool blog candy...