its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
Uhhmmm --- I didn't mean for this picture to be so big ..and I don't know how to shrink it ... so, until I can get another picture for the blog --- squint when you look at this! LOL

Monday, April 18, 2011

Scrappy many messages ... I will answer everyone soon

ooOOo like a car accident - the next day is worse! LOL Sunday, I spent on the couch - with my hiney in the air like a sleeping 2 month old baby -- LOL ... cause my whole body hurt! I think its that rush of adrenaline when it happened...then when you calm down, your all stiff....but have taken some aleve and it helps ---

I want to say to those who have sent me messages saying "I didn't mean to laugh" - and they apologize...
listen, I am NOT offended....when we (my son, my hubby and myself) were tending to my hiney...WE were all laughing! We could NOT stop! LOL so pleaseeeeeeeeeee don't feel bad.

Here is what I think - Thank God - it didn't hit the "bullseye" (If you get my drift) cause I would have been in surgery fixing my colon Saturday night! (Yikes) ... so it was just bad enough to teach me (and hopefully others!) about leaving my supplies all over --- I mean, its bad all right - the blade probably went in by at least an inch ... they were literally HANGING when I stood back up! (Gagging)

but listen....I will be answering each of you as soon as I can - and like I said, we are laughing too!!!

You know...I don't know if the way I see things are a virtue or not - but my life is good - I am fortunate....we have a few days and a few things here and there that aren't too funny...but what I have learned thru the years...sometimes bad things happen and its for a reason...something comes along to show us why that event happened. And most of the time, I can say "darn this could have been a lot worse!"

Thats how you get thru the rough times...I think.
Could it have been worse?
Do we have the tools we need to recoup and heal?

I am in luck - I have antibiotic cream - Aleve - and a very soft pillow to sit on!

XOXOO to all of you who have sent wonderful healing messages....
and I LOVE your laughter... ;)


Tara said...

so glad to hear you are on the mend and that you have a good sense of humor about the whole thing! Now I don't feel bad that I was laughing as I read not only the first post about it but this one too!

Jan said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I did get in there and finish a LO today! Do you follow AmyJRockstar? Here's her blog address:

A fellow fibro girl needs our help! :D