its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
Uhhmmm --- I didn't mean for this picture to be so big ..and I don't know how to shrink it ... so, until I can get another picture for the blog --- squint when you look at this! LOL

Friday, April 15, 2011


Oh my gosh!!! My very first Blog Hop with an amazing woman (Misty)
and I get the puke virus!! Please...take a moment to hop along
and visit these wonderful sites...and when you are done "hopping"
can you "HOPE" I feel better! ;)

I wasn't able to get my project completed and uploaded...

but I HAD to get my fellow scrapping sisters links out to you...
Enjoy - and off I go to lay down before I fall down! :(

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How I Got Started (2 to 3 short months ago) Blogging & Vlogging?, here is the sad, sorted ...but true story...of my addiction to
You Tube and the Scrapbook/Papercraft Blogs...

We are also accepting donations of love --- yes, our palms are wide open...because I

Perhaps, I need to go to paper rehab?
(Is there someplace like this?)
I bet if there is, the sick joke is that there is a
Michaels, Hobby Lobby & Archivers around the corner!

Anywho - more on the pitiful side of this story in a moment.

So ... I was sitting home, minding my own business during the 2010 Christmas Season.
My son said he was going to buy me a Blu Ray Player for my Christmas present.
I said "Listen...I don't care what color it is - just get me something so I can play some movies!"

Well - he does it - gets me a
Sony Blu Ray Player with built in Wifi (look at the very bottom of this post and I will share some information
if you are looking to buy one of these)
I was reading the box and it said "Wifi Ready" ---
I would have never said this to my son, but I was thinking ..
"GEEZEL PETE...why didn't he just get me a simple disc player?!?!"

So after installing the player - I got on to check out what WIFI meant...
I mean I know...what "Wifi" means...but "What did it me?"
I figured oh good...I may use Netflix every now and then ...
but then...I stumbled upon the YOU TUBE I had been on You Tube a few times
via my computer. I thought it was cute and from time to time if I wanted to show my grandson
something "I" felt important (like classic kids songs like The Ants Go Marching or Shirley Temple movies)
I would get on and do a search. Heck, I even ventured out once to see if there was
any Anna Griffin stuff on there...and the only thing I found was her spots on HSN....

I was not a big You Tube fan - back then.

This is when my life changed forever (sighs dreamily) ...
One evening, nothing was on TV so I got on my Wifi Sony Blu Ray Player...
clicked on the You Tube - and typed in scrapbooking ...
OH MY GOSHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh....
thousandddddd upon thousandsssssssssss of links popped up!

I could NOT believe it! And there, in those little thumbnail thingys...were frozen images...
images of people
using the Cricut!!!
stamping ....

Now listen - remember...these You Tube videos...are
streaming on my TV SET!!!!(don't you love how I know all these technical terms ... like
"streaming" ?!?!)

The very first set of videos I tuned into was Kristal Andrew's over on

Then....I got really snazzy with things and found my way to which belongs to Nicole or
a.k.a. TikiBoo78 (Gosh I LOVE to say that name!) Tiki Boo Tiki Boo....

Now up until about 6 weeks ago...I didn't even mess with the blogs!
I was just getting my jollies from watching all the You Tube vids! LOL
I mean why read when someone is going to say it out loud for you, right? ;)

Welllllllllllllllllllllllll my curiousity got the best of me - and I just had to check out
their blogs....and I am!
A blog writing fool
...a contest joining freak of nature...
a blog hop'n maniac!

And I Love Love Love it!

Thanks so much Nicole and Kristal...IF you didn't do such wonderful
projects and interesting videos...I would have turned the Blu Ray You Tube off...
that is...until the next time I wanted to show my Natey Bug (my grandsons nick name...
well ONE of his nicknames! LOL) -- a sonic boom, Maw Maws favorite cartoons
(The Bug A Loo's & H.R. Puf n Stuff) ... or how to do a cartwheel...

Okay is my 2 cents and suggestions on getting the Sony Blu Ray Player with Wifi built in --
first of all, I could easier live without my stove now than I could this electronic
(knocks on wood because I don't really want to live without a stove)
It looked like it was relatively easy to hook up ... my grown son hooked it into
my TV for me ... now make sure you get any wires or cords that you will need.
I think he said he had to use his HDMI cable on it because there was not one in
the box...I don't know what the heck that means but you might - and I know for a minute
when we were hooking it up, I thought we were going to have to wait until we got this "cord"...
don't you hate that? When you are all ready to do something and then you find out -
1. you have to spend MORE money and 2. whatever you are trying to do .. is going to have to wait.

Now it may have been my TV that required this cord...but just check with the store
where you buy it or if you have a techie type of person in your life ... take them with you! ;)

The first player we bought was Wifi ready...BUT we had to buy something called a wireless adapter.
It is what picks up the Internet Signals in your house...that thingy...was anywhere from $80 and up!
No way was I going to pay another $80 when he had already spent like 200...
so he got online and found the same kind of player but it said Wifi adapter BUILT IN ...
he found it on -- and said it was a good price - which was right around $220.
(this was back during Christmas 2010) so who knows...the way things are these could
now cost 1,220.00 -- right? ;)

Anyway, once you have it hooked up and all that, you can use your old You Tube name and password
or you can get a new one ... and the You Tube screen area will let you have your Playlists...
Subscriptions, Favorites, Recommendations, and you can keep them just like on the online You Tube!

The only difference I have found between the Blu Ray You Tube and online You Tube is....
my favorites file will only hold up to 12 to 32 individual videos for viewing...where online I have
like 140 favorites...I guess there is limited space on the Blu Ray...

My son also said the quality of the videos would probably stink - (he said this while setting it up)
well...let me tell you, I dont' think so at all! If the video is playing on your computer will
play on your TV well too. So many recording cameras are now HD...I think the blurry, grainy days
are falling to the wayside....

I really can not recommend this enough if you love watching the craft videos on You Tube.
Listen...I could sit here and watch great YT videos 10 hours a day, 10 days in a row and
still have thousands I want to see!
*trust me....I have almost those hours are true to fact! LOL
I can see my TV from the kitchen and the TV is only right around the corner
from the laundry room! LOL I can run around the doorway and stick my head
in for the important parts when doing laundry! ;)
Okay listen...if you have a question about the Blu Ray player...and you think I may even possibly
be able to answer it (as I have troubles turning on my electric toothbrush) --- please please
feel free to comment below and I will try to get back to you a.s.a.p.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

For all my new followers...and visitors from the Lovelink on ;)

OOOOoo MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! I have SO many new friends & followers...

OKAY I am now highly addicted to this bloogin thang'!
Can I EVEN begin to thank you enough?
Each and every single one of you...there is not one message here that doesn't
touch my heart...and to hear the words "me too!" I think is so healing..don't you?

To hear there are others out yourself....people that you have something
in common with -- something special...whether..its
being an "Italian Hillbilly" :)
or that we share this insane, wonderful hobby of paper crafting & art....
its just so COOL! AND I LOVEEee it!

Ladies...I will definitely be having some blog candy...
In fact, I am discussing the idea of just sending EVERYONE
a check! LOL

It would of course, be a postdated check  -- that you can cash once I hit
the lottery! LOL

I mean...NOW I get it...why folks do blog candy.
You WANT to do something for the people that find you
interesting and take their precious time to jot a few words or
share a story with you... WOW --
Wow wow wow....

Now here is the problem - I want EVERYONE to win?!?!?
How do you work that?

I have been invited back next week to be a guest designer on ...
(would you believe my husband even knows Miss Kristals web address?!?!)
isn't that funny!
He has heard me say so many times -
I am the guest designer -
I won the challenge -
I am going to be on next week...
on that now HE
is saying it! ROFL @ Myself...

Ahhhh - poor thing.

He is probably in hopes that this will pass like my other
obsessions & promises over the years...

You ladies know what I mean - right?
Those times you say something and at the moment...
you REALLY mean it

Statements & ideas like....

* getting more dogs when we already had 2 ...
(plus a ferret, a rabbit named Tampa, and a bird...ferret DEFINITELY not "MY" idea)
* sleeping outside Target the nite before Black Friday
(remember, we live right outside Cincinnati! Its rather cold Black Friday eve)
* trying to lose 10 lbs in 3 days by eating only hot dogs, bananas & green beans
(cause that would have meant HE would only eat those items too!)
* never ever going grocery shopping again (cause of the outrageous prices)
* killing the kids when they get home (they all made it out alive as the
baby is now 26)
* never EVER cooking a full holiday feast again! (cause I burnt up the
easiest thing on the menu)
* Never driving again
* Never riding with HIM again
(which I am actually sticking to this past year...he likes to take
"the back way" which ends up taking us hours longer than the normal way)
And last but not least
* Maybe having just ONE more little baby before its too late
(thank heavens we made it past that one...otherwise I would
be raising our 9 year old right now...and let me tell you, I love
the kids - but I am glad they are raised now)

Okay okay --- enuf chit chat...

I just wanted to thank you guys again ---
you are my new WWW sistahs!
(not wrestling WWW but rather world wide web)

Can't wait to see what everyone contributes to for the
Sing a Song challenge!