its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
Uhhmmm --- I didn't mean for this picture to be so big ..and I don't know how to shrink it ... so, until I can get another picture for the blog --- squint when you look at this! LOL

Friday, April 29, 2011

Okay...since I didn't get the Expression 2 ... I did buy the Gypsy! ! wahhahah

I am seated here, waiting for part 2 of the update on my Expression 1 via the Gypsy...
I didn't think I would ever realllllllllly need the Gypsy...until of course, I saw how handy it is -
by watching all the YOU TUBE VIDEOS! LOL (this Blu Ray player is costing me thousandsssss
of dollars because I see all these things during hauls and tutorials that I really, really need! LOL)

The one thing I can not wait to do is weld letters together --
(jumping up and down at the thought)

But....gosh, could they have sent a book on how to get started or how to operate
this sucker? At first, I thought I didn't get a stylus! LOL
Then .. I was pushing the silver round button on the front of the device
waiting for the light to come on! LOL again ---

Now...just waiting to update my Express1 ---
cannot wait to get playing --
I wonder if I will be able to get those extra cartridges they gave out
a few months back for registering the Gypsy...

Okay guys -- I'll be back soon with my own personal review on the Gypsy...
And I am sure you'll be seeing all my layouts with welded words! LOL
(thinking I will create a welded word for each room of my home...
bath - kitchen - door - potty)
and when I am done with that...
I will weld words for the family
(son - hubby - grandson - me)
I can welddddddddd the world!!!
(Vicki runs off jumping into air and kicking legs to the side)

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee Provo Craft!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My 1st Blog Candy!!! Winner picked May 10th

Okay THIS give away is for my bloggie visitors...the other one - with the pen & stamp is for my You Tube subscribers...

You do NOT have to follow me to have chance for the Pink Package - but you do need to
leave a comment below ;) and if you decide to follow me - that would be uber cool ;)