its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
Uhhmmm --- I didn't mean for this picture to be so big ..and I don't know how to shrink it ... so, until I can get another picture for the blog --- squint when you look at this! LOL

Friday, September 9, 2011

HELP ... I am being held here against my will! (written on my front window in red lipstick)

Oh my gosh - its been so long since I have posted to my blog, I feel like "it" (the blog itself) hates me! I am such a summer person - in fact, my most recent scrapbook layout says "Around here, we live for summer" and its the truth. I swear, its like that movie, The Shining, our home comes alive when the temperature hits 80 and above....I work harder, play harder in the summer.

So - to me...its already winter even though its only 64 degrees here :(

I want to thank all my subscribers and the folks that send me little notes or leave comments. I do read all of them and now, I will always try to respond to you. I think that is so important...I feel like when I don't reply to someone, its like me talking to someone...they are sitting right there and don't answer you. I know its different on a blog ... it is difficult to reply to everyone that posts a comment on a blog or on a You Tube channel page...but please know, I really do try to respond and I read everything..sooner or later.

My title ... "being held against my will" is because I am thinking - "Why don't we live in a location that never goes under 70 degrees? Unless all the kids would pack up and move and the grandkids would follow...I guess we stay here ...we got too attached to them - the kids & grandkids that is - they are like a dog or bird...they grow on you ;)

Talk to you all soon and I truly hope each of you
had the best summer EVERRRRRRrrrrrRRR
(said in the Phineas & Ferb manner ...)
(its a cartoon for those who don't watch ... I have a 5 year old grandson that loveesss Phineas and Ferb ...and its one of the few cartoons I don't mind watching! LOL)

xoxo again -
talk to you soon -
be sure to catch me over on You Tube - I seem to be a better
You Tuber than blogger -