its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
Uhhmmm --- I didn't mean for this picture to be so big ..and I don't know how to shrink it ... so, until I can get another picture for the blog --- squint when you look at this! LOL

Sunday, April 10, 2011

For all my new followers...and visitors from the Lovelink on ;)

OOOOoo MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! I have SO many new friends & followers...

OKAY I am now highly addicted to this bloogin thang'!
Can I EVEN begin to thank you enough?
Each and every single one of you...there is not one message here that doesn't
touch my heart...and to hear the words "me too!" I think is so healing..don't you?

To hear there are others out yourself....people that you have something
in common with -- something special...whether..its
being an "Italian Hillbilly" :)
or that we share this insane, wonderful hobby of paper crafting & art....
its just so COOL! AND I LOVEEee it!

Ladies...I will definitely be having some blog candy...
In fact, I am discussing the idea of just sending EVERYONE
a check! LOL

It would of course, be a postdated check  -- that you can cash once I hit
the lottery! LOL

I mean...NOW I get it...why folks do blog candy.
You WANT to do something for the people that find you
interesting and take their precious time to jot a few words or
share a story with you... WOW --
Wow wow wow....

Now here is the problem - I want EVERYONE to win?!?!?
How do you work that?

I have been invited back next week to be a guest designer on ...
(would you believe my husband even knows Miss Kristals web address?!?!)
isn't that funny!
He has heard me say so many times -
I am the guest designer -
I won the challenge -
I am going to be on next week...
on that now HE
is saying it! ROFL @ Myself...

Ahhhh - poor thing.

He is probably in hopes that this will pass like my other
obsessions & promises over the years...

You ladies know what I mean - right?
Those times you say something and at the moment...
you REALLY mean it

Statements & ideas like....

* getting more dogs when we already had 2 ...
(plus a ferret, a rabbit named Tampa, and a bird...ferret DEFINITELY not "MY" idea)
* sleeping outside Target the nite before Black Friday
(remember, we live right outside Cincinnati! Its rather cold Black Friday eve)
* trying to lose 10 lbs in 3 days by eating only hot dogs, bananas & green beans
(cause that would have meant HE would only eat those items too!)
* never ever going grocery shopping again (cause of the outrageous prices)
* killing the kids when they get home (they all made it out alive as the
baby is now 26)
* never EVER cooking a full holiday feast again! (cause I burnt up the
easiest thing on the menu)
* Never driving again
* Never riding with HIM again
(which I am actually sticking to this past year...he likes to take
"the back way" which ends up taking us hours longer than the normal way)
And last but not least
* Maybe having just ONE more little baby before its too late
(thank heavens we made it past that one...otherwise I would
be raising our 9 year old right now...and let me tell you, I love
the kids - but I am glad they are raised now)

Okay okay --- enuf chit chat...

I just wanted to thank you guys again ---
you are my new WWW sistahs!
(not wrestling WWW but rather world wide web)

Can't wait to see what everyone contributes to for the
Sing a Song challenge!



The Crazy Cardmaker said...

Ohhh wow. Alot of fun info about you there =) Totally love the 9 year old part, since i am actually raising a 9 year old right With ADHD... =) He's a little bit of a handful at times for sure. Thank you soso much for the wonderful comment on my challenge entry. Really made me happy =) Totally love following gettingcricky =) So much wonderful inspiration. I am now one of your newest followers and can't wait to see what more you will bring into this wonderful world of scrapbooking and blogging =)

Big hugs from Lilli =)

Michele said...

Oh my gosh... look at you!! 31 followers and a Guest Designer ta boot!! You go girl! I think I was your first follower and very proud to say so myself! Love that you are getting into all of this awesome blogging stuff!!
I'll see you around soon!

Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

I am so happy that you have come aboard for blogging. I love reading your thoughts:0) It is nice to have a comedian amongst us. I cant wait to see your guest designer post. Hoping you many more followers!!!

shersl84bed said...

Paper piecing patterns is one way you can let everyone win something. Doesn't cost anything. I like to give away svg files but not everyone uses them.

Elizabeth said...

Love your blog:) I am looking forward to getting to know you! I am a new follower:)

kathlee said...

Passing thru via the Linking Party and leaving some love! Your post made me laugh...especially the check part and the Lotto. I am winning the Lottery every week....haven't as of yet but when I do I'll let you know!
Newest follower! Stop by and visit soon!

Rhonda Miller said...

Hi, I'm here for the link it party. Thanks for sharing all of this about yourself. I am now following you.

kathlee said...

Vickie you crack me up! My name is Kathie and if you use my middle name it is Kathie Lee. So for creative purposes on my blog and cardmaking I call myself Kathlee! So did not address me incorrectly AND you can see without your glasses! Yayyyyy!! You really gave me a real chuckle! :-)
Kathie aka Kathlee!

Amyzcrazylife said...

I know! gotta love the Link UP Party!!! I am a new follower.

Jan said...

I read on Vision of Paper's blog you are also a fibromyalgia girl :) Join the club! Some days it just stinks!!

Deanne Gutierrez said...

Hi there! I am a new follower of your blog through the Love Link Up Party. Gonna go "lurk" now. Please stop by my blog and become a follower:

Deanne :)

Shelly said...

Hi, visiting from getting cricky love link up. Enjoyed reading about you. New follower, would love for you to stop by.

Lori Comeau said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. Your a riot. loved reading your post. I'd like to invite you over to my blog and have a look around.

Nicole said...

This was a great post!! Definitely laughed quite a bit! Love all those statements! LOL. So much fun to learn more about you.
My boyfriend can tell quite few crafy youtuber's just by hearing their voice. He'll say to me from the other room, "Are you watching Mary, Susan or whoever might be on." Lol. Soon your hubby will be doing the same! Have a great evening Vicki.

K Andrew said...

Love you girl--you rock! I'm soooo glad you enjoy my nutty blog and videos!
I'm already a follower! Thank you soooo much for linking up on my link up party--hope it brings you lots of new bloggie friends!

Big Cricky Hugs,

sillyp said...

sending you more love from the link up party.