its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is Paper Crafting .. hazordous to your health? My findings...

OKAY....NO one will even believe this one...when I say it out loud (not that I sit around saying this out loud but I have told a few people) .. but even when I say it out loud..I think, this is wronggggGGg on so many levels....

Last night, was like any Saturday Night...great weather, we grabbed dinner out - the grandkids were here...and I was working on my layout for my spot on for the Sunday Challenge Guest Designer spot with Kristal..she had graciously invited me to spend another Sunday with her as a guest designer....

Now...I don't have a "craft room" - per se. I have all my supplies in my laundry room. Which is really big. It is right around the corner from my family I'm not complaining (or at least I never have before!)

I had just opened a new Cricut cutting matt (you alreadyyyyyy know don't ya?) and my paper had stuck to it so darn bad, my entire cut was ruined. Oh...and it was the lettering of my know how long it takes to cut out fonts....So I was a bit miffed cause I didn't know if I had more of the same paper...and I had to redo every single letter (which for this layout was 13! UNLUCKY number 13) --- so I get up from my couch (I sit on my couch and use my coffee table as my scrap table)...I go into the laundry room...finally find another sheet of the paper I need, I come BACK into my family room - (now keep in mind, I have to get this layout over to Kristal Saturday night...when all of this is IS Saturday Night!) So I am running behind...I come into the family and FLOP down on the couch...

OH MY GOD ----
I SAT ON MY SCISSORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No joke here!
Guys...I am talking the long bladed scissors that have the spring open thingy (to supposedly make it easier for cutting) the blades (yes BOTH of them) went into my butt cheeks!!!
I had to reach behind me and PULL one of the blades out of the fat of my butt cheek!!!!!!!!!!!

O Lordy.....
you know...talking about it actually is worse than it happening.
At first...I guess adreline started to rush - and I didn't feel pain -
and I was thinking "Oh MY GOD how funny is this? I sat on scissors"

Now, if the whole idea of this doesn't make you a bit weak...
my hubby was taking a nap cause now he has a flu bug - so the only adult
awake was my 28 year old son!!!!!!!!!!!
Who had to take a look at my hiney and diagnose..."Stitches or not?"
My gosh - I really am officially old...
My adult son has seen my butt - up close and personal ... and the worst thing is...
I REALLY DON'T CARE! I didn't know if I had cut off like 10 pounds of the
extra 100 that are back there or what...
I mean think about it - you can't see your own butt cheeks?
By that time, I was getting a little light headed -
and if I would have tried to turn and reach back there to grab a peek
(which would NOT have happened anyway)
I would have definitely passed out!

What I am saying ---
I am so old...
my adult son has started to take care of me...
(I thought I had a few years before this!)

Okay so now it is Sunday ---
I got the layout sent over
(hey, can someone point me in the right direction
on how to take pictures of a 12 by 24 scrapbook layout AND
get it uploaded to the computer? I put mine thru Photoshop Elements and kind of
mushed it together - but I don't think it looked as pretty as some of the double
page layouts on the fact, I think it may be the worst picture of
a double page layout I have ever seen :(  )

And now....I am going to call it a day!
Of course the "wound" is right on the soft part of the cheek
that you SIT ON --- (shaking head) ...
so even when I sit here taking it kind of easy....
pain is searing thru my body! LOL

O my gosh - WHO does this?

When I was a kid my mom would say
I -so- wish I would have listened to her.

Moral of this story?
Scrapbooking MAY be hazordous to your health --
IF you leave your scissors lay around ;)

As soon as I feel comfortable that I can go out
and walk and not strike up the bleeding again...
I am heading straight to Joanns ...
and buying one of those crop carrier thingys...
I keep my "tools" in a basket and when I am crafting,
I pull things out and leave laying everywhere...
because its difficult to find things in there - so
scissors, ATG, pens...I will leave lay beside me...
on the couch or on the coffee table - - 
listen ---
once bitten - twice shy.
I WON'T DO THAT anymore!


Here is the layout -- If you click on it - you'll go over to
to see the upcoming Sunday Challenge -- Why not play along?
Kristal always has some wonderfully cool blog candy...


Lisa said...

I'm sorry - I know this must have been incredibly painful, but the way you told the story...I can't stop laughing! Thank goodness you didn't need stitches! Despite your struggles, your layout turned out beautifully :)

JennyKozar said...

OH MY - the layout us great and the laughs and priceless!


Elizabeth said...

Oh My! I can't stop laughing! What a sense of humor you have! Scott used a butcher knife to cut into a frozen porkchop this week and nearly severed his thumb. So I had visions of my trip to the emergency room where they had to wheel me out when they stitched his thumb. And he is laughing the whole time!!!! What a hoot of a week it has been. So glad you could keep your sense of humor and that you are basically OK. Your layout is beautiful by the way. I use to do my photo editing and it has been very easy to use. I paid for the upgrade, it was cheap, and very easy. Take care of yourself!

K Andrew said...

First of all, thank you for being my Guest Designer again this week--you rock.
Second of all, I almost wet my pats reading the email you sent to me about this episode. You my friend are the sweetest and funniest girl I know--you cracked me up!
LOVE to you!

SiskiyouSue said...

Oh, my!!! I know that this is really painful and awful, but I had to read the story to my hubby and we both laughed out loud. Thank you for sharing, and I surely hope you will be better soon! Thank you for sharing.

Renae said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear that that happened to you, but it is a good story. Heal quickly!

Getty cricky sent me to your blog! Thanks for sharing!

rpcrafter at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

the layout is great.. and although you are injured.. I couldn't help but laugh out loud and shake my head thinking of all the "crafting" injuries I have had.. though I have not had scissors in my buttocks..

Brenda said...

Oh my goodness, I know it was not funny when it haappened, but I gasped and then laughed and cried. You are too funny
Great LO and thanks for guest designing at Getting Cricky's Simply Sunday challenge
Brenda DTM

Tara said...

Your layout turned out wonderfully! So sorry about all the pain it caused you :s Take care of that behind!

Misty said...

Sorry, cant post now i am laffin to hard and i cant see through the tears!
Hummer Hugs,
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

MeLoveBono said...

LOL Misty...this is a saddddd sad story! Girlfriend...I had to literally yank those suckers out! Now everytime I see them, staring at me from the basket...I cringe LOL me have to get some fiskars for preschoolers! LOL

4kids4 said...

Fun layout...great pics...oh, funny but painful story! I'm sure this is one thing that will NEVER happen again. Hope you are feeling better!

~Sharon C.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. V!!
Can't believe I JUST found you! Got here thru Kristal. I can't believe your harrowing experience!!!! I USE those same scissors, BUTT mine have a lock on them!! Hopefully, by now almost a month later, you're better. So sorry to have to tell you, BUTT(sorry! I HAD to!)I just keep laughing! The funniest part is, you TOLD everybody! So would I!! So glad that only your son had to see it & not a dr who would be giving you stitches! Boy would he have something to talk about over dinner with his family! I have a quick one for you, so you don't feel lonely! About a year ago, I was so excited setting up my craft room when I got my "E". I ordered a rolling "tractor" seat(looked comfy)from WM (PURPLE!) so I could roll from my E to my workspace table. When all was arranged (enough)to dive in crafting, I went busily to work. Probably was sitting for a few hours & rolling back & forth. WELL, alls I can say is...DON'T SIT ON A PLASTIC (fiberglass?)SEAT IN THE SUMMERTIME WITH SHORTS ON!! When I tried to get up, well, I was kinda stuck. Left some of the skin from the backs of my legs on it! After that, I tried to sit on a towel, BUTT every time I tried to roll, I would slide off! I really started to think that stool was trying to kill me! So from now on, it's just long pants for me!
I've just become your newest "Follower" (BUTT not too closely!LOL!!)BTW your work is awesome! I'll be back soon!
God Bless & Bunnie Hugs from R.I.,