its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
Uhhmmm --- I didn't mean for this picture to be so big ..and I don't know how to shrink it ... so, until I can get another picture for the blog --- squint when you look at this! LOL

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oh boy --- if ONLY I had more time in a day.

I lovee scrapbooking - and there are so many great blogs about it.
But, unfortunately, I make the bed - and it doesn't stay made.
I do the dishes and voila' two minutes later, there is another dirty one.

And, I've pretty much realized, my dream of retiring at 50...
was just that -- a dream.

You can find me most often, on Youtube.
With Youtube - I can watch videos while I'm
talking on the phone, doing dishes, running the vacuum ...
throwing laundry in - and on that rare occasion when
I do get to do layouts - YT is definitely running in the background.

I want you all to check this blog.
Its by Jes...a Youtube pal.
And if her new blog is anything like her...
and her videos - its gonna be a great blog.

Crafty Scrappy Mama's Blog

She is having a give away (Today is 2/17/2013)
in case your reading this on 2/17/2054...chances are
the winners have already been selected and your too late.
But if its around 2/17/2013 - head over there and check things out.

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JESmakeup said...

You are too funny! Ok you need to watch or head over to the blot or yt cause.... I HAD TO PICK NEW WINNERS. And I think you might know one of them *wink wink wink