its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

check...1-2-3 ? Anyone there? ;)

I am no spring chicken...and that's okay...I don't know that I would want to be a spring chicken any longer. But let me tell you, I feel like I am "out of the loop"...why you ask?

Only recently have I latched on to the blogs and You Tube community. I had no idea how much information nor how much fun all of this stuff is if you have a hobby!! My hobby, if you haven't noticed by now is scrapbooking. Now I do a few cards now and then, but my passion is the 12x12 layouts.

You see this obsession started when my son (27) bought me a Blu Ray player with WIFI for Christmas. "Nice", I thought. I can watch a few movies from Netflix...and it sure does get a nice picture...I had no clue ... no clue about the fact that I could watch You Tube on my bigscreen TV! MuawaaaaaahhHHhhh - I still squeal with delight when I think about it! LOL

I have loved to scrapbook for about 5 to 6 years now. I love to look at magazines about it, I love to look at websites about it, I love to see other peoples work and hear their ideas...I love to shop for scrapbooking and I even like to actually ... scrapbook from time to time! LOL

ANYTHING to do with a scrapbook layout - from stamping, paper tearing, paper piecing, playing with the Cricut, watercolors, acrylic paints, stickers...anything anything -- and I never realized how many others are out there that love it as much as I do...maybe even more! And I can find them on You Tube and the blogs!

So here I am ... March 23 - 2011...with my very own blog. I mean, I have to have a blog, right? What red blooded Italian American woman isn't going to keep up with the Scrappin Joneses? ;) Actually, its not competition, its the companionship. I don't have anyone who scrapbooks with me. This is no longer the case. I feel like I have a whole world of scrapbook-aholics right here beside me...happy to watch my YT "haul" videos when I go shopping and just as interested in my next layouts. When I do feel a bit competitive...there are the blog hops and contests held just about everyday...somewhere.

Seeing all these beautiful projects done has made me feel more inspired, creative and motivated to do the 3,092,433 scrapbook albums I intend on leaving behind as my legacy ;)

So -- thank you TikiBoo78 - Getting Crickey with Kristal - Made by Momo - Logans Crafty Momma - Two Chics and a Cricut - Stamp TV - Cardz TV with Mary - Galecrafts ...
and theres another one I want to make mention of that sticks out in my mind but I can't remember her name (grrr) oh well...these are just the folks I can remember and some of my favorites...I'm sure once I learn how to I will place their little signs on my site here.

Ooooo I can't forget the young woman Scrapbookingwithakic ... she just had an adorable precious little girl. The young woman can scrapboooOOokkk like crazy! Its gorgeous!

So anyway - here I am. Me...mawmaw...a blogger. How times change ;)
God Bless...

thank you for taking time to read my banter and hopefully...
I'll see you back here!


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