its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A You Tube Scrapbook Layout Hop !

Okay I want to introduce you to these ladies ....
Limor who is  LIMOR1278 on You Tube

Zoe who is AF0093 on You Tube...

These ladies are truly after my heart!
WHY you ask?

Well they want to keep the good ol Scrapbook Layout alive!
Now listen, I love cardmaking as much as anyone - and I love looking
at all the gorgeous mini's you all have made - heck, I have even stole some
of your mini ideas and techniques for my layouts! LOL

In my book - nothing. Of course my grandboy & chocolate rates  --- but layouts and hops are
right up there! ;)

I happened upon their last hop and you know me - Chatty Vicki -
left comments on the their channels thanking the participants and
those sweet things wrote me back!
I got to chat a little bit with
some of them - and they really are dolls!
Not real "dolls" but you know what I mean ;)

So anyway their next hop is Monday June 2oth -
please take time to drop by and leave them a nice message and thumbs up.

I think it is so cool that we have people who take their time
to share their ideas and projects with us - I mean, I get a video up
every now and then - but for those people who keep their blog
updated every day or so - and have videos out a few times a month -
good grief - how kind of them! Thats some hard work ...
lets support them and their efforts...

And last but not least -
Ladies...have a GREAT Fathers Day!
I know its Dads day but if your anything like I am -
I know you will be working your tail off for the
Dads in your life - and I hope everything you have planned
from the dinners and cook outs, to the presents & hand made cards
are just perfect .....

My heart is still with the good old fashioned 12 by 12 or 12 by 24 scrapbook layout. And I had been wishing there were more layouts on You Tube....
Well...someone out there heard my wishes because
Zoe & Limor are doing their second You Tube Scrapbook Layout HOP!!!

I Mean....


Jan said...

You are definitely talking to me! I love my scrapbooking!! I do make cards (that's really Lacey's area more than mine) but I love making layouts and keeping those memories for generations to come. When I make a layout I am reminded of the moments when we took the pictures. I love showing them to my kids and husband and it always gets a conversation going about what we were doing and they well tell me what they remember~~I usually have to go back and add to my journaling! TFS Vicki!!!

MeLoveBono - Ms. V to you ;) said...

Jan - Yes! exactly - you know I am horrible because I don't do things very often just for myself ...there always has to be a hidden motive behind I cook for my family, I work so that we can have things and pay bills...I don't know why I am like that but I am - so with the layouts, I take time for myself to do them because in the back of mind (and believe me its dusty back there! LOL) I say "the kids HAVE to have these memories!!!" I have to do them so that one day, they will have these physical memories to look at - remember...I have all boys to this point so I know they won't just pull out pictures...they GOT to have something colorful and funky to grab their attention! LOL Oh and something "pretty" - not that I have femme boys - trust me, they are all male (rolling eyes) but I figure they like to look at Angelina Jolie and Pam Anderson - they are "pretty" so maybe they will pull out the "pretty books Mom/Mawmaw made years ago" LOl
thanks for commenting - And I can't believe I JUST found the video by Lacey of the blog candy! I am so glad you all enjoyed it ...

Nancy said...

So glad you are going to participate in the hop! I'm so glad you liked my last layout! Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a Smash book!


Susan said...

Hey Ms. V!

Hows it going? I agree with you about these women that put up these videos, I have a tough time just posting something a few times a week! That has to be a lot of time and effort put into it. I think I would have to go through anger management classes before I could even attempt to do it! Kuddos to them! I have a friend who is in the process of putting together scrapbooks for her adult children that includes everything from the time they were born. She does one a year, starting with her oldest. Then at Christmas she gave it to him and he broke down in tears he loved it so much. I want to do that for my boys too.

Hey, if you need a good laugh today you have to check out my worst fathers day card ever post. I know you will appreciate this story!