its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anyone - know anything about Framing?

I have had 3 prints of these GORGEOUS gazebos for a year now - they have to be framed....once I bought the prints, of course, I started to hear horror stories about "FRAMING" (omnibus music plays in the background) -- I heard to get get 2 - 8 x 20 inch prints and 1 16 x 20 print framed is going to cost one zillion dollars ( wink) well not really a zillion but everyone rolls their eyes and breathes real heavy --- like oh boy Vicki you did it now! LOL

Anyway - any of my bloggie buds know anything about framing pics or getting prints framed?

I mean - how hard can it be to frame them myself?
(I watch a few YT vids...looks easy enough)

Is there a general rule of thumb for matting for prints?
I mean unless its going to cost me an extra 1000. bucks to have matting
I would like matting - but again - what is the right size?

How do you pick the color matting according to your prints???

I guess any input would help - anything cause I don't know a thing about "framing" ...

have a great day all and thanks in advance fWiendsssssss


Susan said...

OMG, so I asked Dennis, (the 16 year old), if he ever heard of mushroom smack. I kid you not he spit pop out laughing! Then he said nope, don't know. (Yea, right). Then he asked where I heard that so I told him my blog! So I looked it up and I laughed so hard my tummy now hurts! That was sooooo funny! LOL, OMG, you yelled that in a superstore! You just crack me up! Thank you so much for that story, and for teaching me a new phrase to stay away from!! It made my day! :)


Jan said...

Ok, I am no framing expert but I am a cheapskate :) I matte almost everything I frame and I usually pick a color from the photo I want to bring out or I pick a neutral color if I can't decide. I don't know what stores you have close but I like Hobby Lobby. I wait until their framing is 40% or 50% off and I go shopping! I get the matte and the open back frames there. Then I just put it all together. You will need to use something to hold the picture and matte in~~I've used cardboard or just little push pins...whatever works. Hope that helps!

Susan said...

Hey Ms. V!!

Just stopping by to wish you a happy and safe 4th of July! Now you remember, if you are planning to light off any fireworks make sure a responsible adult is supervising you ok? LOL! Aw, you know I'm kidding! Enjoy dear!