its Me...Vicki

its Me...Vicki
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Can you spare a few bucks? GREAT Charity and easy to donate too!

Hey guys...I am going to try to participate in an upcoming Blog Hop for Operation Write Home...In fact, if I have to be hooked up to an IV - I am participating in this - anyway - this is such a perfect non profit organization for us who scrapbook - OWH sends cards to our military - for instance the upcoming hop we will make a card for someone in the military...thanking them, sharing good & positive news about us and this great country they are protecting for us.

Now not only do they need us to make cards - they need financial donations.
They have a Paypal button so its super easy to send them just a few dollars...
I know the economy is tight - but what is 2 - 3 or 5 dollars?
I plan on sending them something every month - even if it is a few dollars.

So - I challenge you guys - my fellow scrapies to get over there -
check the site out - and donate.

I mean, can you even IMAGINE what these people are doing for us?
I have always felt like military, firefighters, law enforcement, and paramedics
just do not make the salary they should. Everytime they walk out the door
they are putting their lives on the line - for us. Wow...And they say Angels
don't walk the earth - I tend to disagree.

Here is the link -
And maybe you can't do anything but
list this link on your blog -
whatever it is  - that you can do - do...

Believe me - it makes you feel so good its not like
you won't get anything in return. I always feel so good
when I am able to help.

Love ya's - Vicki


Misty said...

GF, you ROCK! Thank you!
Hummer Hugs,
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

Misty said...

PS!!! CAll ME!!!

Jan said...

I agree! If we can spend $$$ on scrapbooking supplies then what's a few dollars for the men/women who gives their lives! I know that waaayyy too many are living below poverty level, too! This cause is especially close to my heart! TFS!